Some people collect shoes.
Collectors don't necessarily wear them...they store them away so they can add more shoes at a future time.

Others wear out one pair until it's time to buy another.
Why buy a pair of shoes when the ones you're wearing are fine? There aren't any holes in 'em yet! Sure, the sole is loose and flaps when you walk, your big toe sticks out, and the heel is off, but it's a perfectly fine set of shoes. No need to buy another pair quite yet.

There are people who like wearing a different pair for each day of the week.
If, for some unforeseen reason, you end up wearing a pair of Tuesdays on a Monday, you're whole week is ruined. Seek help.

Some have 20 or more pairs of shoes that are worn semi-regularly.
What shoe goes with these pants? Or this top? Is the shade correct? Did I wear these with this outfit last time? Which looks better to you?

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All this, not to mention the adventure that awaits you when you put on a pair of shoes that you haven't worn for about a month. Better check the insides for that cozy little spider that set up housekeeping in the tip of your shoe...otherwise, if you don't squish him when your foot goes in, you may get bitten.

Yes, there is more fun with shoes - and the humans who wear them - than we realize. There's a lot more than just going down to the local discount shoe store and buying that last-minute pair that you need before you head out. We are not unique...this shoe behavior has been going on for a few hundred years.

Take a look below at around 40 photos of old Michigan shoe stores, shops, and some miscellaneous thrown in. Then go to your closet, throw out those expensive, brand-name, peer-pressure athletic shoes, and go buy a $19.99 pair down at the local cheap-shoe store. You've earned it.



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