How cool is this, we have a huge Viking Octantis cruise ship making its way through the Great Lakes.

I do want to say that I absolutely have to see this beautiful cruise ship. I've been on two cruise ships in the past 20 years. One was a Carnival cruise ship and the other was Norwegian.

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As you know the Viking Octantis, which is the largest cruise ship on the Great Lakes, was suppose to make its first stop in the Keweenaw Peninsula, but that didn't happen due to high winds.

According to

The 665-foot Viking Octantis was expected to anchor outside of Dollar Bay in Portage Lake and then take passengers ashore using tender boats, according to a news release from the Keweenaw Convention & Visitors Bureau. Officials are concerned about passengers’ safety while on the tenders.

I can understand this completely. You don't want to see any unsafe situations when it comes to high winds, especially when huge bodies of water are involved. Better to be safe than sorry.

The Octantis cruise ship is enormous and can harbor 378 passengers. This massive ship will be cruising the Great Lakes all summer long with many planned stops along the way. adds:

Next, the ship will traverse the Soo Locks at Sault Ste. Marie. After that, there’s a stop at Mackinac Island. The route is part of the eight-day Undiscovered Great Lakes cruise, which begins in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and ends in Milwaukee.

I would like to be there on Mackinac Island when the Viking Octantis shows up. Talk about a very exciting moment.

This is something you don't see on the Great Lakes every day. I see all kinds of small boats, big boats, but never a traveling huge cruise ship like the Viking Octantis!

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