The village of Victor in Victor Township, Clinton County, was around way back, even before St. Johns was incorporated (1904). The land was covered with trees and had an abundance of wolves and bears, along with the usual wildlife. Native Americans were numerous as they witnessed more & more white people settling on the land, beginning approximately in the 1850s.

Victor was not much of a village - rather a postal station near the top border of the township. It also had a church and old one-room schoolhouse; the schoolhouse is long gone, but the classic old church still stands, on the corner of E. Price and Shepardsville roads.

At 2½ miles south of Victor is Alward Road. Turn right (west) and you’ll see some cool old buildings still standing, like an old one-room schoolhouse and the old Township Hall, standing in front of Reed Cemetery (SEE PICTURES BELOW).

This area makes a cool little roadtrip and photo ops for a Sunday afternoon!


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