After the railroad was ripped out, Vickeryville began it's demise. The post office was forced to close down by the early 1950's and the school followed in the mid-1960's.

Vickeryville still has many old buildings still standing, including the old abandoned Central Bean and Grain elevator alongside Vickeryville Road, south of the old downtown area. The area is currently home to an Old-Order Mennonite settlement, and has been since 1992.

It's referred to as a "ghost town" nowadays thanks to the abandoned structures and because it's not the booming town it once was. Some people don't like the "ghost town" term even though the town can officially be called one, even though there are still people residing in the area.

The old "downtown" area can be found in Montcalm County at the intersection of Vickeryville Road and E. Sessions Road. Pay a visit to Vickeryville on your next Michigan roadtrip and get some great photos of the old structures still standing, including that wonderful old grain elevator! (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).