We all remember Art Van out on W. Saginaw in Lansing. They've been there for many years providing great service and beautiful furniture to thousands and thousands of households.

If you remember, the doors at Art Van Furniture closed after it was announced that they were going out of business in March and would reopen as Value City Furniture this fall.

According to the Lansing State Journal, "the store located at 8748 W. Saginaw Hwy., was one of six Art Van store properties throughout the state acquired by Value City in June."

At one point many years ago, Art Van Furniture used to be located on S. Pennsylvania in Lansing. I should know because that's how long I've been shopping at Art Van.

To put in prospective, all of my furniture came from Art Van Furniture. All of my bed room, living room, kitchen furniture and outdoor patio furniture.

So now it looks like I might be buying my furniture from Value City Furniture.

The Chief Marketing Officer for Value City said, "as a family owned and operated business, Value City Furniture is excited to serve as Lansing's Art Van replacement where former customers can fall in love with our high quality, design inspired and affordable home offerings." (LSJ)

He also said, "Value City Furniture has a strong, existing presence in Central Michigan and with Art Van's unfortunate closing, we're thrilled to be able to step in and provide this community with designer looks at affordable prices." (LSJ)

Come November, instead of Art Van, Value City plans to open the location to customers once the building's interior is renovated and updated.

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