Got a bad Valentine's Day experience you wanna share?
Then take a look at a few real Valentine's Day terror-tales and see if any of them sound familiar.....

A couple went out for a Valentine's Day dinner, got food poisoning and spent the rest of their romantic day throwing up into bedpans in the hospital.

A high school girl was invited out to the local ice cream parlor by the school tough guy...who also invited all his creepy, noisy, roughhouse pals to join the two.

One lady found 100 red roses sitting on her doorstep one Valentine's Day and was thrilled that her new boyfriend bought these for her...until she found out the flowers were sent by her ex...

One lady was picked up by her date only to find a sweet Valentine waiting for her on the car seat...only to discover it had another woman's name on it.

You can read the extended versions of these V-Day horror stories on by CLICKING HERE as well as reading a few more true-life tales of romantic woe.

How about these:
Was someone else's name called out while you were making love?

Did someone ever say "be right back" and never come back?

Did someone ever stop in to have a romantic evening with you while on his/her way to their girl/boyfriend's house?

Were you the only one to NOT receive a flower or card while in school?

Did you catch your significant other out with another?

Diarrhea all day?|

Find a card from someone else addressed to your lover?

Partner confess to like someone else better?

Have a colonoscopy on Valentine's Day?

The above - and more - happened to ANOTHER handful of people that you can read about from by CLICKING HERE.

Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE there's not a bad Valentine's Day in your past?


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