I personally know a lot of people who go snowmobiling every winter in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Michiganders love it because of wide open spaces to snowmobile on.

The Upper Peninsula is very popular among snowmobilers and there's a network of over 3,000 well maintained trails to ride on.

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Unfortunately, there is one trail in the Upper Peninsula that soon may be off limits to all snowmobilers..

Are you familiar with Gogebic County in the U.P.? There happens to be a ski resort in that area which was purchased by new owners. The new owners are not going to allow snowmobilers.to cross their property, which could cause some issues.

Here's more from mlive.com:

Trail No. 2, “an important stretch of snowmobile trail” in Gogebic County, will likely close this winter following a change in ownership at Snowriver Mountain Resort, formerly Big Snow Resorts, according to a news release from the Department of Natural Resources. Owners announced via email on Sept. 13 that they would no longer allow snowmobiles or ATVs to operate on resort property.

Basically trail access would be eliminated between Wakefield and Ironwood. Here's more from mlive.com

“We understand that property owners have the right to revoke access to their land,” said Ron Yesney, DNR Upper Peninsula trails coordinator. “Nearly 50% of our snowmobile trails are on private land, however, this particular closure puts snowmobiling opportunities and connectivity in the western U.P. in a tough spot.”

That specific area is a very popular spot for snowmobilers and has been for quite some time now. The best thing to do is to search for other snowmobile trails that will not interfere with your winter plans with family members and/or friends.

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