As election day draws closer, many of us are looking forward to the end of this angry election, and happy to say bye bye to all the negative campaign ads.

CNN reports that not just Americans are obsessed with the election, it seems that British betters are putting down lots of money on the outcome of this Presidential election (who would have thought). So far this election is now the most bet upon event in history, and that includes sporting events.

Many celebrities are coming out in support of each candidate, and both Republicans and Democrats are more than happy to use them to try and win this election. Taylor Swift came out in support of The Biden/ Harris ticket in fact the singer has allowed them to use her music to target young voters in the final stretch of this long, long campaign.

On the Republican side, Brett Farve former star quarterback for the Green Bay Packers has come out in support of President Trump.

With only a few days left in the campaign, and with Michigan being a 'must win state' for both candidates, they are spending a lot of time here before the election.  President is hitting the the campaign trail hard in our state, he has been in Michigan a couple time this week and his kids have be here as well.  The Biden campaign is bring out the 'big gun. Former President Barack Obama will join Joe Biden on a couple of stops in Michigan this Saturday.  The two are planning stops in Flint and Detroit on Saturday.

Whether you have money on the elections outcome, like the British do, or if you are an American citizen and want to see your candidate win.  Tuesday, election night, is going to be a long, and wild ride.  I for one, can't wait to see how it all turns out.

VOTE, just VOTE.

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