Things are starting to turn around for people who are collecting unemployment checks and not currently seeking employment.

The bottom line here is prove that you are seeking employment or no more unemployment checks.

There's just too many people who are unemployed taking the easy way out by not even trying to find a job.  That's why some say, why work when we can make more money collecting unemployment checks.  That happy thought has gone bye bye.

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Starting today, June 7, people who are collecting unemployment must prove that they are searching for work to get their benefits.

According to

The UIA recommends completing the work search requirement online, but also offers an option to do it via phone.  But starting Monday, people calling to certify are limited to certain time slots, depending on the last two digits of their social security number.

There is an easy call in schedule for everyone to follow and you can find it at adds:

"Although certifying and reporting your work search activity online is quicker and more efficient, this call-in schedule will make it easier for those who may not have online access." said Estlund Olson, UIA acting director, in the news release.

Here's the feel good part of this story, if you are actively searching for employment in the Greater Lansing area and documenting everything, then you should still receive unemployment benefits until you are gainfully employed.  Good luck! also tells us:

The discrepancy is partly because people getting unemployment benefits who aren't looking for work aren't counted in the labor force--and therefore, not considered "unemployed."

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