Many people – Michiganders and out-of-staters alike – believe Ty Cobb ("The Georgia Peach") is arguably the best player baseball ever had.

Cobb was born on Dec. 18, 1886 in Narrows, Georgia. His childhood was spent trying to please his father, who goaded Ty to always win – always succeed – and never fail. Losing was not in his vocabulary. This atmosphere may be what drove Cobb to become an outstanding ballplayer.

After playing ball with some southern semi-pro teams, Cobb went to Detroit and joined the Tigers in 1905. When he arrived in town, Ty obviously needed a place to live. Vintage Detroit says he found a duplex at 4117 Commonwealth Street, just a mile away from Tiger Stadium. He lived in the northern part of the house (which would be the right side if you were facing it) and walked to the stadium most of the time (photos are below).

FAST FACTS (from the Baseball Hall):
1907-1915: Nine American league batting titles
1907-1909: Tigers won three American league pennants with Cobb
1909: won the Triple Crown
1921-1926: manager of (and player for) the Tigers
Never hit below .320

Cobb was so popular throughout the country, that he was coaxed into starring in a movie, Somewhere In Georgia in 1916. It was the only movie he made.

Cobb stayed with the Tigers until 1927, then he went to Philadelphia and eventually retired. He passed away on July 17, 1961.

What made Ty Cobb so great? According to former teammate Sam Crawford, "He didn't outhit and he didn't outrun them.....he out-thought them".



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