My wife and I have been to Mackinac Island many times over the years and we've always taken Shepler's Island Ferry straight to the island for all kinds of fun.

Shepler's Makcinac Island Ferry in the straits connecting Lake Huron to Lake Michigan and the Miller Boat Line in Lake Erie are both historic, generational family maritime businesses.

Even though my wife and I haven't been on one of the Miller Boats as of yet, both ferry fleets transport vacationers to summer resort islands and there is a magic to boating that means the Shepler's and Miller Ferries are in show business.

I love taking Shepler's Ferry to and from Mackinac Island. The view itself is truly amazing. You can sit on the lower deck or the upper deck and take lots of pictures during the boat ride.

When you're at the point of where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron come together right under the Mackinac Bridge, there's not a better sight to see.

By the way, Shepler's Mackinac Island Ferries have been taking people on the 24 minute ride from Mackinac City and St. Ignace to the island for 75 summer seasons.

The operation of the Miller Ferry to the Lake Erie Islands is a family business, as well. And while the Shepler family is building a new boat, the William Richard, named after Shepler's father, the Miller Boat line also will soon add a fifth boat, the Mary Ann Market.

Miller's vessels range from 40 feet to 96 feet and can carry up to 26 cars and 600 people. Here's more from the Lansing State Journal.

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