One of the Lansing area's most talked-about spots for paranormal occurrences is the Turner-Dodge House. I've been there a number of times and have never witnessed anything out of the ordinary, except it's a cool old mansion.

Many years ago I was hired to deejay at some event on the third floor. Back then, sound equipment was heavy, clumsy, and way too big, unlike today where everything is digitized and compact. To get to the ballroom on the third floor, there was a flight of steep stairs around the back where I had to lug everything up: “boom, crash, bang” is what I remember about that.

The Turner-Dodge House was built by James & Marion Turner in 1855, appearing a lot different than it looks now. James enjoyed his home for a brief time, until he passed away in 1869, with Marion continuing to live there.

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The house was eventually taken over by their son James Munroe Turner. In 1900 thru 1903, he had the whole house renovated, looking completely unlike its original form. When James died, his sister Abbey and her husband Frank Dodge bought the house. When Frank passed in 1929, his daughter Josephine took over.

Taken over by the Great Lakes Bible College
1974: Mansion bought by the City of Lansing
1900s-2000s: Many renovations throughout those years

As for hauntings, you can read what others had to say in a previous article HERE.
Now take a look inside...

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