I can't stress enough how interesting it is to take a Michigan roadtrip. Especially when you travel down those back roads, side roads, and dirt roads that you usually would not take.

A trip through Trowbridge Township in Allegan County brings many cool things to see. The pictures below show a few things seen in the lower portion of Trowbridge Township. Precisely, across 102nd Avenue, 104th Avenue, Baseline Rd, and up US-40. If you take these roads, you'll eventually go through the ghost town of Trowbridge. Let's see if you can find it on your own!

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Taking a leisurely investigative trip down any of Michigan's countryside roads will take you to hidden towns you didn't know existed, ghost towns, old & abandoned structures, not to mention beautiful countryside. The fall season brings extra cool stuff to see.

Check out these few photos of the above-mentioned roads, then go exploring Michigan back roads for yourself. You don't have to go far! Do it some weekend afternoon!


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