Cherry pie anyone? There are three varieties of pies I would make a road trip for, they are Cherry, Apple, and Chocolate pie.

Did you notice I mentioned cherry pie first? That's because cherry pie is my ultimate favorite choice of pie. It's so delicious!

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I'm writing this article because I'm a huge fan of pie. Do you remember way back, when Traverse City held the record for "World's Largest Cherry Pie?"

According to

In 1976, Charlevoix broke the world record for the largest cherry pie. You can see the pie pan and oven at 6591 S. US Hwy 31. The record stood until 1987 when Traverse City broke it with a 28,350 pound pie, 10,000 pounds more than the Charlevoix one. You can see Traverse City’s world’s largest pie pan at 3424 Cass Rd.

So now that we know the history behind the world's largest cherry pie, it's about time Traverse City regains that title by seriously beating the current record of 39,683 pounds of cherry pie. THAT"S HUMONGOUS!

Can Traverse City beat the record? There's no doubt in my mind, although it's going to take a lot of prepping to beat the current record.

Here's the scoop, courtesy of

Traverse City natives Garret and Dakota Porter, who started ActionGlow as teens, a company which puts LEDs on snowboards and other sporting equipment, have taken it upon themselves to organize the herculean task of attempting to bake a mammoth 50,000 pound cherry pie.

Hey if you need any volunteers to help out, all you have to do is ask. As long as I can witness the world record for myself and get a piece of that soon to be massive cherry pie, just sign me up now!

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