I know Michigan has more old train car diners, but where? Photos and locations are hard to come by unless someone steps up and points 'em out.

If you've never eaten lunch in one of these, you really can't imagine what it's like.
If you have eaten in a dining car while riding a train, you still can't imagine what it's like.

These diners bring a unique, cultural, iconic eating experience to those who appreciate our history. If you don't care or give a whit about history, then you won't appreciate it. For those of us who do, we'd (well, at least I) would like to know more locations of these diners so i can pay a visit. Meantime, take a look at the short gallery below of some past - and present - Michigan train car diners!

Train Car Diners


Abandoned Rosie's Diner

Vintage Hamburger Diners and Michigan's First Drive-in Restaurant

The Old Cafe's of Michigan

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