Stockbridge – located in the southeast corner of Ingham County – had this building constructed in 1892.

It was built to accommodate the township offices and a community center that featured stage performances, music, lectures and club gatherings.

It was also referred to as the Stockbridge Opera House; a common name for this type of structure in small towns, even though operas didn’t make appearances.

What else? The town hall also presented it’s fair share of motion pictures…yep, movies. It was also home of the Avon Theater from 1940-1955, giving the townfolk some escape from the news stories of World War II and a decade afterward.

In 1968-1969, it briefly became a teen nightclub called “The Factory” that wouldn’t let anyone in over 19 years old. It featured Michigan rock bands, dancing and snacks. School kids and recent graduates from many of the surrounding small towns packed the place every incidents of violence or substance abuse were ever reported.

The Town Hall structure became an entry in the National Register of Historic places in 1980. and the building was restored by 1982 thanks to a federal grant (and local taxes).

It holds up well to this day…visit it someday when you have the time.


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