There is under two weeks left until the holiday shopping season is over, and if you have gotten all of your shopping done or not, you will want to avoid these that get re-gifted every year. I will say it is annoying when you spend a lot of money and time on a gift and find out it will be re-gifted by the person later. I'm sure we all have a story about how a gift of ours was re-gifted, and if you want to make sure it doesn't happen to you, you may want to avoid these items this holiday season.

The items on this list were put together by NY Daily News, but I also put a few of my own suggestions on what to avoid so it doesn't get re-gifted. The biggest thing that gets re-gifted.....candles. Candles are great but I'm sure you already have a few at your house. Unless it's a candle that is specially made for the person or you know that the person will love the smell, then avoid them. Gift Cards are the 2nd biggest item to get re-gifted, again this is like candles as you don't wanna get a gift card for a place that you never go to or can never go to. Clothing is the third biggest item to get re-gifted, and clothes are risky cause you might buy it for someone and it doesn't fit or the person you are gifting it to won't wanna wear it.

Some other items you want to avoid so they won't get re-gifted are: Kitchen items (toaster, small appliances, ect.), bath soaps and body wash (women most likely have tons of these), fruitcake (don't ever gift this to someone unless they ask), gift baskets (see gift cards for why not to gift these), and finally alcohol (you might gift this to someone who doesn't drink or won't want it).

You can see more about it here, and hopefully this helps in your holiday shopping.

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