So I'm a big fan of bread pudding. I know it's kind of a weird dessert to be a big fan of, but I am. I will actually go to specific places just for the bread pudding, and that's why I am making this list, not only for you to find out but for me too. Anyway, if you have never had bread pudding, it's something that not all people like but the people that like it...really like it (like me). I'm hoping this will help you also get into the holiday season as bread pudding is something you will probably have at Thanksgiving or Christmas or both. If you don't get bread pudding at your holiday dinners, then you can try one of the places below for your bread pudding fix.

The Top 9 Best Places in Lansing was made up from reviews on Yelp. I hope I'm not missing any and also want to try these places too.

  • #1 Soup Spoon Cafe (1419 E Michigan Ave) - Not only do they have great soups, but their bread pudding is the perfect capper for the meal.
  • #2 The Creole Burger Bar & Southern Kitchen (1218 Turner St) - All of their food is good. I have never had the bread pudding here, but if it's as good as their food, I've gotta have some.
  • #3 Lansing Brewing Co. (518 E Shiawassee) - Perfect place for appetizers or if you are looking for a late meal. And yes, their bread pudding is a good choice for late at night.
  • #4 Claddagh Irish Pub (2900 Towne Centre Blvd) - If you want the full Irish experience, this is the place. It has great interesting appetizers, and the bread pudding is great here as well.
  • #5 Capitol Prime (2324 Showtime Dr) This place has great food. I went here a few months ago and made room for the bread pudding too, and I was glad I did so.
  • #6 Saddleback BBQ (1147 S Washington Ave)
  • #7 Red Haven (4480 S Hagadorn Rd)
  • #8 Bordeaux (Located in Crown Plaza West)
  • #9 Olga's Kitchen (354 Frandor Ave)

You can check out the Yelp ratings here.

Also, if you want to make your own bread pudding, here is a recipe from Food Network.

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