There's nothing better than counting down the days before you head out on your family vacation.

Before you take off on vacation, make sure you have the most important essentials for your trip.

According to USA Today, here are the Top 5 things you need to pack:

1. Plenty of Sunscreen/Nothing ruins the start of vacation quite like shelling out money for sunscreen at your destination.

2. Soft Towels/During your vacation, you're bound to spend time splashing around. Don't forget to bring soft, plush towels to dry off with.

3. Bottles of Water/Rather than running to an expensive convenience store for something to drink, fill a cooler with bottles of your favorite water.

4. Coffee to Jump Start Your Morning/Coffee will help you power through days of sightseeing and exploring.

5. Paper Towels for Every Mess/Pop a roll of durable paper towels into your bag so you're prepared for any spill that happens on your trip.

There are a few more really important essentials you need to pack for your upcoming family vacation. Please click on the above link for more information.

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