Are you ready for a really good scare this Halloween? Why not take a drive to Shawhaven Haunted Farm in Mason at 1826 Rolfe road.

This place is a blast and everyone I know loves it. I remember taking my kids to Shawhaven Haunted Farm about 10 years ago and they wanted to go back every single Halloween after that.

Shawhaven Haunted Farm in Mason has been in business for over 15 years and that's because they provide great entertainment for the whole family.

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Here are the Top 5 reasons to visit Shawhaven Haunted Farm:

1. Corn maze. Guaranteed to be scary. Have you ever walked through a corn maze at night only to get lost and never find your way out? Me either, but I will say it does creep you out enough to the point of getting it over with fast. By the way, be prepared for something lurking in the corn maze.

2. Wagons of Fear. My family and I loved Wagons of Fear. You can barely see anything sitting in the wagon of fear until all of a sudden, out of nowhere, comes the men who wander for a better place, and that better place is the Wagons of Fear. (Be prepared)

3. Escape rooms. Tell me this, would you like to be in a haunted escape room and never find your way out? You only get 3 to 5 minutes to find your way out. Good luck!

4. Samara's Retirement Home for the Dead. We think the title alone sums up what this attraction at Shawhaven Haunted Farm is all about. Steer clear of their rooms and the recreation room if you can.

5. Pumpkin Patch. All the kids seem to love this popular area. There are pumpkins all around so watch your step and pay very close attention while your in the Pumpkin Patch!

Have a great time at Shawhaven Haunted Farm in Mason. By the way, Shawhaven does follow the CDC recommended guidelines for the health and safety of all customers.

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