I'd like to open with this: Never choose a tattoo artist based on the name of the shop. Ever.

If you can avoid it, never get one on the spur of the moment. If you find yourself combing through tattoo albums in the shop for ideas moments before something is permanently placed on your body, you're not ready.

How to Select the Right Tattoo ARTIST in Michigan

Getting a tattoo is a big decision and you need to know the person who is going to be creating art with you as their canvas. If you have an idea what you want the tattoo to MEAN, let them know. Telling a true artist the meaning of your tattoo letting them in on the inspiration behind your decision. Most purveyors of ink will be open to a conversation like this, others may not. Finding the type of person you trust enough to spend several hours putting you through pain is important!

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Once you've found your pain distributor, make an appointment and keep it. Good artists will ask for a deposit and will be booked several months out. No showing an appointment puts you in their bad graces, and they have control over how heavy their hand gets.

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If you haven't ever spent any time in a tattoo shop, think of a hair salon with better artwork and more honest conversations. The constant sting of the needle, the familiar grip of the handrest, and the unique aroma created by the blending of anti-septic spray, ink, and iron breed an honesty that rivals your relaxed thoughts following a deep shampoo, condition, and rinse.

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These businesses are also filled with some very lively and frank conversations, spending a little time making sure the vibe is similar to yours isn't a bad idea either. But remember, never choose a tattoo shop based on its name.

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