You may want to check your fridge when you have a moment and ensure that you aren't guzzling down unsafe levels of arsenic. What's that you say? Are there safe levels of arsenic? Yes, yes, there are, and one product that could be in your home right now has gone over the safe level of arsenic just a smidge.

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S. Martinelli & Company just rang the recall bell and pulled back around 25,000 cases of Martinelli's Gold Medal Apple Juice because there's a bit too much inorganic arsenic floating around inside those otherwise innocent-looking bottles.

Martinelli's Recalls Gold Medal Apple Juice in Michigan and Around US

Double Check Your Juice Michigan, Are You Sipping On Arsenic?
Martinelli's via

So, what's the scoop? Well, if you've got Martinelli's Gold Medal Apple Juice lurking in your fridge, check the 'Best-By' date. If it's March 9 or 10, 2026, you may want to rethink your beverage choice.

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It should be noted that apple juice arsenic levels have only been monitored since June of 2023, and the 25,000 recalled cases were made between March and September of 2023. These bottles may have been on shelves or in your refrigerator since then.

Double Check Your Juice Michigan, Are You Sipping On Arsenic?

While the FDA is waving the recall flag about elevated arsenic levels that could lead to potential health hazards, like defects and cancer, no one has yet to come forward complaining about apple juice-induced ailments in Michigan or anywhere Martinelli's has been sold or consumed.

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The recalled Martinelli's Gold Medal Apple Juice has an arsenic level of 11.6 parts per billion, above the legal limit of 10. It looks like Martinelli's crossed the line by a smidge. This isn't the first recall for Martinelli's either; last year, they issued a recall because there was a risk of glass shards in your juice. For more information on how to return your affected bottle, click here.

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