Open or shut? Up or down? Where does the lid of your toilet rest? As a Gen Xer, raised by a working mom who took no flack from anyone, I was raised to ALWAYS, leave the seat down, a habit I still (mostly) have today.

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The seat is one thing, but what about the lid? What purpose does it serve besides covering unsightly messes within the toilet? Many swear that closing the lid during a flush will eliminate or lessen the 'FECAL SPRAY' your restroom is bathed in, versus an open lid. Is there any truth to that?

 To Lid or Not to Lid, Michigan? That is the Question and the Answer is Surprising

Grounding Michigan's Flying Fecal Matter: Lid Open or Closed?

In a groundbreaking revelation that will more than likely have you reconsidering your bathroom hygiene, a recent study published in the American Journal of Infection Control dove headfirst into the world of toilet and bathroom cleanliness. Researchers from the University of Arizona have finally answered the question no one has asked: 'Does closing the lid during a flush cut down on the splash of bacteria escaping the toilet?'.

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The truth is, it doesn't matter which position your lid is in, the post-flush viruses escape the confines of porcelain and spread from seat to floor. What items do you have on your bathroom counter that could be exposed to the 'toilet plume'?


So, what does this mean for you and your...toothbrush? It's time to put that tongue scraper, along with anything else that comes into contact with your skin, eyes, or hair in drawers, hidden from potentially toxic splashes. While this will help cut down on bacteria, a regular cleaning schedule is the only true weapon against Michigan's 'toilet plume'.

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All that said, if closing the lid doesn't make a difference in cleanliness, at least make sure the seat is down when you leave so that unnecessary splashdowns can be avoided.

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