Let's face it, we are all guilty at times for not eating the right foods and not getting enough outdoor exercise.

According to the Lansing State Journal, here are a few ideas that may help you achieve your weight and health goals for 2019.

In America we count calories, avoid carbs or fear fat, depending on the fad diet we prescribe to.  Outdoor exercise, yoga, team sports and making time for things that bring you joy can put you in a more empowered position.

Next up, keep things positive.  Whether you are trying out a plant based diet, or avoiding fried fatty foods, changing how you think and talk about eating really helps.

Another great idea for the new you, try showing your body love through mindful nourishment.  You might try adding new and exciting foods rather than concentrating on eliminating bad foods.  Ready for more tips on getting healthier?   Just click on the above link.


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