O.J. Simpson has advice for new prison inmate Bill Cosby,'watch your back".  Simpson says that rapists are frowned upon in prison.  Simpson, who was out golfing while giving advice says that he is sure there will be guys protecting him , but he feels they are going to have to put him (Cosby) in protective custody ...because , as he says, " takes one nut, you know".

Bill Cosby was slapped Tuesday with 3 to 10 years in prison for sexually assaulting Andrea Constand back in 2004.  So far 60 some women have come foreword to say the former tv day committed sex crimes against them, including rape.

Sources say that the disgraced actor will be eating pretty good behind bars, chicken, roast pork, mashed potatoes and pudding, yes pudding.    Cosby used to do commercials for  Jello pudding , not sure what brand of pudding they serve in prison.

The 81year old comedian / actor will be calling a prison cell home



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