Recently, some people have started complaining that the seasonal song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" has dark undertones. But a few years earlier, some of these same people were complaining about an historic, iconic image which symbolized the end of World War II and American armed forces returning home.

What's the problem, you ask?

The original black-and-white Life Magazine photo portrays an American sailor kissing a female nurse on V-J Day in Times Square on August 14, 1945. Over the past few years it's been criticized by a select few, citing sexual assault, because the young lady was seemingly kissed against her will by a strange man.

According to an article in the Detroit Free Press, Emily Matuszczak, senior program director of Haven (the Oakland County program for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault), is quoted as saying "Kissing someone without their explicit consent is considered sexual assault. We don't believe in glorifying that behavior."

To understand the feeling and emotion that was behind this picture is lost to today's generations. To completely understand, you would have had to been alive and aware of America's mindset during World War II. There has never, EVER been a time since where the whole country came together as one. To see and understand a little more about it, watch the video below and hear interviews with the actual sailor and nurse that was in that 1945 photo.

This memorable, award-winning, iconic, historic, joyful photo has been revered for 73 years...and now some choose to tarnish the true meaning behind it.

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