So one of the big questions from the Tigers faithful has been..."what's up with TigerFest?"

If you're not familiar with TigerFest, it's a great annual event that would happen at Comerica Park at the end of January where thousands of fans could meet their favorite players, get autographs, enjoy activities and events and more. It was a whole day that revolved around everything Detroit Tigers. You could check out the dugout, the clubhouse, the media area...there was just so much to do.

But like I said it happened at Comerica Park at the end of January so some years, man it was cold. Even though the weather could be less than ideal it was still an event that a lot of people looked forward to.

So, if you were wondering about this year's TigerFest, now you have some answers. According to the Tigers website:

As for TigerFest, the team is in the discussion stages of moving the event to the summer to avoid the limitations of Michigan’s usual winter weather.

“We’re very excited to bring new and fresh experiences to fans as we transition TigerFest from a winter to summer event,” said Ellen Zeringue, Tigers vice president of marketing. “By moving TigerFest to the summer, fans will have brand new experiences that include access to the field, more seasonable weather and interactive games and activities that we simply can’t provide in January.”

Get more information about TigerFest here.

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