Here are three more places in Michigan whose names are the same as Christmas terms - “Angel”, “Star”, and “Wise” (as in the Three Wise Men) - even though these towns are not necessarily Christmas-y.

First up is the town of Angel, located in Grand Traverse County. Angel was a railroad stop along the Chicago & West Michigan Railroad (later the Pere Marquette RR). The station was built and began operating in 1892. As with most northern Michigan towns, its income depended on the lumber trade, so naturally there were a couple of mills, a sawmill and shingle mill. Angel had a population of 75 in 1905, dwindled down to 45 by 1910. The town name was spelled as “Angell” for a number of decades, but by the 1950s, the extra “L” was dropped, and from then on the village was listed as “Angel”. It is probably the most populated of these three "ghost" towns.

There's not much of the community of Star. Was it a village? Railroad stop? Post office? All that's left are old, abandoned tourist cabins, collapsing and deteriorating more & more as the years go by. Star is located in Schoolcraft County and if you blink while driving on M-28, you'll miss it. Definitely a true ghost town.

Rounding out these three Michigan “Christmas” places is Wise, in Isabella County. Wise began as another railroad station and postal stop along the Pere Marquette Railroad. Wise sat on the southern border of Wise Township and northern border of Denver Township. Along with the railroad depot, there was a general store owned by the Johnson Brothers and at one time was operated by Charles Latimer. Another real ghost town with no businesses left.

These are three humble Michigan places whose names are only synonymous with Christmas terms...but that's all. Don't travel to 'em expecting to find another Bronner's...
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