According to WILX, thousands of people across Michigan now find themselves working from home thanks to the coronavirus virus.

Some say that working from home can have benefits, like a shorter commute and more time with family.

A lot of people feel that it's difficult working from home because they miss their coworkers.

I think the focus here is all about social distancing and staying at least 6 feet away from any one person.

My wife Lori has been working from home now going on two weeks. I would have to say she is getting used to it and is patiently waiting to go back when things are at a safe point.

People across Michigan are using technology, such as Skype or Zoom to connect with coworkers while working from home.

We are currently doing radio training here at Townsquare Media. It's getting to a point where all of us will be broadcasting live from our own homes in the near future.

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