I love bacon. My dad was a hog farmer. We had some of the best, freshest bacon you can imagine growing up. We called it butcher's bacon. It was huge, thick cut and never shrinks to half its size like the bacon does today. Not Kiolbassa bacon though. They are makin' bacon the old fashioned, delicious way.

I call it candy. 


 I made some this morning just to get the smell in the building.

I do a bacon bake. I lay it out on a cookie sheet. Throw it in the oven at 400 for 20 minutes. Usually, you can smell when it's done. 3 people walked in asking where it was.

Pull it out, dump the bacon grease in a baby food jar. Then refrigerate it. Mark it though, because the other day my mom tried feeding some to my baby. I didn't have it marked. When my mom isn't feeding it to my child, we use it to cook our pancakes, hash browns and use it a lot as a replacement for butter.

The Kiolbassa people came in on Friday and brought me Taco Polacos.  They were amazing and simple. Click here for the recipe. Seems like a good tailgate idea.

Check out https://kiolbassa.com/ and check out guaranteeddelicious.com to find a store near you.

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