I wrote a post recently about Traverse City being tops on the list for most affordable place to retire.

And yes we're talking about the entire United States. Traverse City is the best place to live when you want to hang up your working days and focus on your golden years.

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So what else is new with beautiful Traverse City? How about possibly, the third longest bridge in Michigan?

As it stands, this bridge would most likely cost around $100 million. If built, this bridge would cross the Boardman River south of Traverse City.

According to mlive.com:

Crossing the Boardman River south of Traverse City, the 2,000-foot bridge would span between Hartman and Hammond roads in Garfield Township, The Ticker reports.  It would be the third longest bridge in Michigan (excluding international crossings) after the Mackinac Bridge (26,372 feet) and the Zilwaukee Bridge (8,085 feet) in Saginaw County.

This $100 million bridge planned for Traverse City would be the third longest in Michigan. What is the longest bridge currently in our state?

Why it's the Mackinac Bridge of course. It's approximately five miles long. We're talking about 7400 feet of roadway if you want to break it all down. The Mackinac Bridge has been standing for sixty five years now.

Some day we could be driving over that bridge planned for Traverse City. It's been in the works for quite some time and it will certainly take years to build.

Mlive.com tells us:

If everything goes smoothly, it will be another six years before vehicles are driving over the river at that spot, the report said. Environmental review, property acquisition, design/engineering will all come before an estimated two-year construction process. Federal, state and local funding will also need to come through.

Traverse City is a great place to live with so much to see and do. And now residents who are already retired and living in Traverse City, will look forward to a new bridge being built someday in the near future.

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