Growing up in Michigan was awesome.  No matter the season, there was always something fun going on.

Once I was at college I realized that by growing up in Michigan I experienced  many things others who did not.  

Here is a list of 10 things that everyone who grew up in Michigan  learned.

1  How to skip stones.  Petoskey stones worked well.

2  Your hand makes a handy map of Michigan

3  Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) the beer Dad  had in the fridge, and the beer we would sneak out and drink behind the shed.

4  That Michigan State fans and Michigan fans agree on one thing, we all hate Ohio State.

5  In Michigan we have the most beautiful shore lines and beaches.

6  You are not really up-north until your pass Clare.

7  If you go to Mackinaw City or Mackinac Island you are a 'Fudgie'.  If you live in lower Michigan you are a 'Troll because you live below the bridge.

8  Here in Michigan we drink POP not SODA.

9  Making A Michigan left is something we always have to explain to folks from out of town.

10  When it rains in Michigan it smells like worms.

A couple of other things that could have been on the list.... When I was younger , I remember school would be closed on the first day of deer hunting season. especially schools up-north.  Finally, even though the Detroit Lions have never made it to a Super Bowl, we Lion's fans are loyal and love our team.....but would really like to have them make it to a Super Bowl.

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