We call it home, we love it, no one else can talk crap about it...but, here's a short list of things we Michiganders can't stand about home...



We have two seasons here. Winter & construction! Nuff said!

And while we're at it...

(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)


You would figure with all the construction they would do something about the roads and fix all these giant craters. Well sometimes they do, but then there's winter and the cycle just repeats!

Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers
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The Lions

The Motor City Kitties! Yes, we remember the season that they lost every game. Yes, we've had more head coaches than the law should allow. Yes, we find ways to lose games heretofore that seemed impossible. They're our team and all we want is ONE FREAKING SUPERBOWL APPEARANCE BEFORE WE DIE!


In State Fighting

Not just MSU vs U of M. But U.P. vs Lower Peninsula. Detroit vs Suburbs. Heck, Detroit vs Everybody. East Side vs West Side (your city, the state, the street). We sure like to talk trash about each other. Ah, but you gotta love family!

Ohio State v Michigan
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images


We're just too close to it. And the above picture has so much of everything we don't like in it, I beg you not to punch your screen. Unless you're a Wolverine fan...there I go with the in state fighting thing again. Hey I went to Central Michigan University. I have no dog in the MSU vs U of M fight. I just really don't like Harbaugh. If he keeps it up, I'm thinking he'll be on this list soon.

Michigan v Ohio State
Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh

What...too soon. Spartans probably love him right now because of his "lack of" winning ways. But I'm pretty sure most of the state is not feeling him right now. And I'm still upset about him as head coach of San Fran when they beat the Lions and they were all screaming "Who better than us?" How'd that Superbowl game go for ya Jim? How's that Michigan head coaching job working out for ya? Step your game up boss lol.

deer looking at camera


They are adorable...until you hit one.

Skunk in Backyard Patio


They are not adorable. Especially after you hit one! And while I'm at it with mother nature right now...

Daniel Cole/Thinkstock


Oh we've got so much nature here. Trying to get somewhere. Across every major highway and roadway. At the wrong time. Where you going in such a hurry little fella? Squirrels and raccoons get it the worst. And we already talked about the deer!


Secretary of State

Where do we begin? How about at the back of the line. Where you will no doubt wait at least and hour and a half no matter what you're there for. And that's a conservative guess people.

Irina Igumnova/Thinkstock

Winter & Winter Drivers

It's THE OTHER SEASON and the people who conveniently forget how to drive for the first snowfall! You've seen this before people! You've been here before! Why is it every year you act like you NEVER DRIVEN ON SNOW IN YOUR LIFE!?!

Ok...that's all I've got for now. What'd I miss? 

And thanks to MLive for inspiration and motivation with this story.

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