I had the wonderful opportunity this week to go to the Capitol Area Humane Society and meet all of the animals that are up for adoption. They had a great weekend and lots of the animals found new homes, which is always a wonderful thing! These three sweet girls are still waiting for their forever homes, though. When I saw their faces, I knew I had to write about them with the hope that this post will help them find the right families.

I wrote about some of the senior pets who were up for adoption last week, and I cannot tell you how great it feels when you go back to CAHS and find those dogs and cats you had seen the week before gone and living their best lives with a new family. Three out of the four animals I wrote about last week found loving homes. Tino is still looking, so if you'd like to learn more about him, click here.

Walking through today and seeing so many new dog and cat faces, well it makes me sad but also hopeful for these wonderful animals to find their new homes and find the love they deserve. I always encourage people to adopt a pet rather than buying an animal from a breeder. I know in certain situations that is the best way to go, but if you can, visit your local shelter (you can see all of the pets up for adoption at the Capital Area Humane Society here.)

Today's journey at the shelter had us meeting three lovely ladies who are, along with the other animals, looking for their new families and forever homes. You can learn a bit more about them below.

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