Are they cheating on you? According to data collected by, if you live in one of these two Michigan cities, the chances are better than average. Though they didn't make it to the top ten, one is well into the top 50.

What Makes a City a Hotbed for Infidelity?

It's not what you may think. Logic would dictate that the larger the city, the more cheaters. That isn't the case at all. What the data proves is something to fuel your paranoia: cheaters are everywhere!

Sad couple having a conflict

To determine a populations cheating density, studied United State Census data to create The Infidelity Index:

The study factored in the population’s relationship satisfaction by looking at marriage, divorce, and separation rates. In addition, the population’s life satisfaction by evaluating emotional and physical well-being, work environment, and community. 

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The study went even further by looking at the number of places the unfaithful could meet for a liaison and the number hook up site Google say in a given area.

Don't you have ANYTHING to say?!

Keep in mind cheating has a broad definition. For some being unfaithful in a relationship or marriage can be emotional and / or physical, and may include circumstances that have no bearing on a persons current relationship.

The study looked at 200 different cities throughout the United States and found that these two Michigan cities had higher a higher than average Infidelity Index Score:

#84 Grand Rapids, Michigan

attachment-RS32532_Sunset Reflection

Once known as America's Furniture Capitol, Grand Rapids is still a world leader in office furniture...maybe office romances too. Next time you're walking through Fredrick Meyer Gardens and Sculpture Park and you see a pair sneak a kiss, watch and see if they look guilty. Maybe that couple holding hands by the Fish Ladder sculpture isn't really a couple.

#27 Detroit, Michigan

Mark Frankhouse/TSM
Mark Frankhouse/TSM

Motown lands within the Top 50 of's Most Unfaithful Cities. Next time you see a car parked in the Motor City there is a better than average (at least 173 cities have a lesser chance) that the couple steaming up the windows may be in that lot for a reason.

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