Who's old enough to have been lucky enough to cruise The Dome in it's heyday?

It was something straight outta "American Graffiti" and kids began cruisin' to The Dome as early as the 1940's. During the 50's it was the place to hang out while listening to this new thing called 'Rock & Roll' blastin' from the car radios...and by the 1960's, it was STILL the place to cruise to on the east end of Michigan Avenue in Jackson.

Typical teenage food fare: malteds, shakes, burgers, fries, dogs...all greasy heaven for those who went....and served by car hops (too young to know what a 'car hop' is? Ask a grandparent)!

The Dome kicked off in 1939 to a slow start...families would visit the Dome for some delicious treats but once word got out about how tasty, affordable & accessible  the food was, the kids began cruisin' there in droves. Soon it became a popular a teen hangout to munch grub and hopefully find a date.

Sadly, after 45 years of legendary service, this Jackson icon closed down in 1984.

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We need more things like this to return...