It was on March 25, 1967, when East Lansing boys The Woolies hit their peak on Billboard's Singles Chart.

Their record was issued on Dunhill/ABC Records and lasted three weeks on the chart, nationally peaking at #95. The song was a remake of Bo Diddley's "Who Do You Love" backed with "Hey Girl", another song that got Mid-Michigan airplay.

The Woolies were Bob Baldori, Jeff Baldori, Ron English, Bee Metros, and Stormy Rice on lead vocals. Stormy split for a solo career in 1968. Later members included Jack "Zocko" Groendahl. and Maury Dean.

According to the Michigan Rock and Roll legends website, Bob Baldori claims they weren't what they seemed: “We weren’t really a garage band - everyone was a trained musician. We could play like a garage band but we could also read music”.

The Woolies were the band that Chuck Berry went to whenever he was in the area. According to Bob, “Chuck was a terrific musician. He could hold up three fingers which meant he was playing in E flat and we knew what he was talking about”.

Read more about "Boogie" Bob Baldori HERE.

Now, listen to their hit below!

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