I've had so many people tell me over the years how much fun it is to go white water rafting in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

There is so much to see and do in the Upper Peninsula.  It's worth the drive with the whole family just to take a boat tour of beautiful Lake Superior.

But how about white water rafting on the Menominee River?

According to michiganrafts.com:

The Menominee River is a popular whitewater rafting destination in the upper Midwest.  Located in northwestern Michigan and northeastern Wisconsin.

Usually when there are 8 to 10 people in a raft, they will have a certified white water rafting expert on board just to make sure things run smoothly.

This particular white water rafting trip would last for roughly 3 hours and if all goes well this summer, my wife and I plan on signing up for this wild  adventure.

It's just a chance to cut loose and let the river take you downstream into the unknown.  And i know for safety reasons you must where a life jacket at all times.

What makes white water rafting so much fun is the twists and turns in the river and you never know if you're going to get knocked out of the raft.

If we do end up going this summer, I want to fall out of the raft and straight into the river just for the fun of it.  Sure, might be a bit scary, but this sounds like an absolute blast to me.

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