One of the greatest wrestlers of all time rests in a graveyard located in…Williamston.

Edward George Farhat was “The Sheik,” and born in Lansing in 1926. His career exploded once he was done serving in the army.

The Sheik was one of wrestling’s biggest draws and was a precursor to what is now known as “hardcore wrestling”. His “sheik” portrayal was the pretense of being a Syrian Wildman and his ring antics are legend. He would pretend to pray to Allah in the ring, bite, cut his opponents with pencils, and light paper wads doused in lighter fluid to throw in opponents’ faces.

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His career was a long one: from 1949 to 1998 – forty-nine years of being a successful top attraction in the ring. Not a bad accomplishment for a guy who was still going at age 72! His wife Joyce played the part of Princess Saleema who did a ritual of burning incense in the ring. After quitting wrestling due to heart problems, Farhat passed away in 2003 and his wife died ten years later.

They are both buried in at Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Williamston.

Pay a visit to one of the most historic, legendary wrestlers ever to hit the canvas and get a few pics. But remember to always be respectful in any cemetery.

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