President Biden, speaking to the American public yesterday, laid out his goals for 70% of adults in the U.S. to be vaccinated by the nations birthday, July 4th.

As more older Americans got the vaccine, the number of new COVID cases in that age group dropped off, showing the success of being inoculated.

In some states there has been a drop off in requests for the vaccine, some folks are doubters about the shots, and then there are the others who are unmotivated to get the vaccine.

As it stands now more than 50% of American adults have received at least their first dose of the vaccine, and the Biden administration would like to see that number go up to 70% by early July. The administration would also like to see kids age 12-15 get inoculated as well.

Check Your Airline Before You Fly

With more people vaccinated we are seeing more and more people flying off on vacations. Travelers who have been vaccinated and missed out on vacations last year are taking advantage of low airline and hotel prices. Many vacation destinations, like Florida, are easing up on mask mandates and other restrictions. Airlines are a different story; most still require mask wearing on flights and in areas of the terminal.

Many vacation destinations that were hit hard last year during the pandemic are now offering some pretty incredible travel deals. Florida's a state the relays heavily on tourists and their dollars saw their Governor on Monday sign an executive order that immediately suspended the state's remaining COVID public health restrictions.

To avoid confusion, check your airline and also your hotel before travel.

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READ MORE: Inspiring Stories From the Coronavirus Pandemic

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