As the weather gets colder  people will be spending more times indoors, making the pandemic spread even more. CNN reports that these next few months could get very ugly where COVID-19 is concerned.

Another negative is that it is also the beginning of the flu season, so mix that with the corona virus and you have a healthcare nightmare.

People are being urged by health professionals to get the flu shot this year, hoping  that it  will help prevent them from gettings the coronavirus .

The CDC is also stressing again how important it is to wash your hands and wash them often, wear our mask and social distance.

Even though it is chilly outside, it is still better to be outside than indoors to keep you and your family healthy.

Health experts told CNN that people should follow this advice:

Get your flu shot

Stay warm outside

You don't always need sto wear a mask outside, but you do when indoors or around people

finally if you travel , cut down on exposure . Mask up, keep sanitizing wipes with you, also hand sanitizer, and practice social distancing.

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