The oldest living thing in Michigan is not a person…not an animal…not even Bigfoot.

It’s the Armillaria Gallica and it weighs 882,000 pounds!

Sounds like some kind of centuries-past fleet of ships, but it’s actually an underground fungus colony. Discovered in Iron County in the late 1980’s, it’s the oldest living organism in Michigan - around 1,500 years old - and found in the western part of the Upper Peninsula in an area that covers more than 185 acres. It’s edible and can be harvested in the fall. This fungus is also known as a Honey Mushroom or Shoestring Mushroom.

Crystal Falls will once again be hosting the Humungous (sometimes spelled "humongous") Fungus Festival. Among the many activities, like cook-offs, flea markets, parades, games, softball, and contests, they’ll have a 100 sq. ft. mushroom pizza!

Find out more about the fest by CLICKING HERE. Then take a trip north to witness "The Oldest Living Thing in Michigan" for yourself!

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