Michigan history isn't always pretty.

The victim in question was Steven Tuomi, who grew up in Ontonagon, Michigan.

After graduating from Ontonagon High School in 1981, Steven crossed the border and got a job in a restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin…..Jeffrey Dahmer’s home town.

After leaving work on September 15th, 1987, Steven Tuomi was never seen again. Once his family realized they hadn’t heard from him for a while, they checked out his home, only to find all his belongings. Uncashed paychecks, clothes…everything.

A missing persons report was made but nothing came of it…no trace of Steven anywhere.

Four years went by and in 1991, Dahmer’s deeds were discovered. Dahmer admitted to his crimes and stated that Steven Tuomi was one of his victims. He stated he murdered Tuomi in a Milwaukee hotel room, took the body back to his grandmother’s house (where he was living) and disposed of it in the garbage.

Dahmer, the “Milwaukee Cannibal”, was charged later that year for the murders (and other things) of 17 male victims, sentenced to life in prison.

Steven Tuomi’s remains were never found.
He has a memorial in Holy Family Cemetery, Ontonagon.

Jeffrey Dahmer was killed in prison in 1994.


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