Greek Tony's Pizza and Subs in Muskegon didn't think it could be done, and for good reason.  The evidence was there to back that up.

More than 1,000 people making up 544 teams of two had tried and failed the Muskegon area restaurant's pizza challenge.  At more than 700 square inches, the 30 inch, three topping pizza is equivalent to five 16 inch pizzas.  It contains more than 60 pieces of pizza and typically feeds 10 to 15 people.

At around 9:30p.m. on March 20, two gentlemen from Muskegon became the first duo ever to successfully complete the formidable challenge.  They finished the pepperoni, onion and extra cheese pizza with two minutes to spare.

In order to successfully complete the Colossus Challenge, two people must eat the entire 30 inch, three topping pizza in an hour without using the restroom or leaving the dining area.

The two winners received a refund of the $50 cost of the pizza, a $50 gift card and a picture on the Wall of Fame.   The owner laughed and said "we don't have a Wall of Fame right now, up until now we haven't needed one."