My husband David and I were in my hometown of Owosso this past weekend and decided to make a stop at one of my favorite places, Curwood Castle. I realize not many towns have a Castle to brag about, but ours is pretty special.

According to the Owosso Historical Commission, Curwood Castle was built in 1922 as the writing studio of Owosso native, James Oliver Curwood. Curwood was, along with being a writer, a sportsman and a pioneer conservationist. He spent as much time in the woods as he could. His books—he wrote more than 30—were tales of courage and daring in the Canadian Northwest. Back in the day, the Castle served as a writing retreat, Hollywood office and the site of fabulous parties. Those of us from Owosso are very proud of Curwood, as his novels were estimated to have been read by over 7 million people.

Next time you are looking for something to do in Mid Michigan, head to Owosso and check out Curwood Castle; it's not every day you get to check out a castle almost in your backyard.

For more information, check out the Owosso Historical Commission's website.

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