Haunted attractions are their own culture. For some primal reason, we need to PAY to be scared.

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When you step into a haunted attraction, the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach is unparalleled. Not knowing what's around the corner, who is there, and what implement of terror they might be holding has become as much a part of a Pure Michigan Fall as apple orchards, donuts, and cider.

How to Find the Right Level of Haunt for Your Michigan Terror Trip


Finding the right level of 'scary' for your group is important, especially when you're spending your hard-earned money. Don't get me wrong, this type of experience is worth it if you enjoy being frightened. That said, some folks want a more toned-down 'haunt' so that smaller kids and jumpy adults can get into the spirit of the season too.

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The attractions you'll find on the map below are also listed alphabetically. Each listing will provide a link to their website, the address, and a telephone number (if available). Always double-check that the venue is open before hitting the road in Michigan. You'll also find each of their sites lists various kinds of haunts, from safe for kids to 'sign this before you go in'.

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I'd recommend talking with your party before heading out and making sure everyone knows what they are up for. Some haunts can be intentionally psychologically and physically terrifying, just be sure people know what they are getting into before they tag along. Chances are if it is this intense of an attraction, they will let you know and even have you sign a waiver before entering.

Click on the 👻 on the map below for more information or keep scrolling for an alphabetical list of all 31 Haunted Attractions in Michigan to Terrify You This Fall.


31 Haunted Michigan Attractions to Terrify You This Fall

Looking for a terrifying experience or just a little fright? Here are a slew of different options to explore and put on your Pure Michigan Fall Bucket List. It's 31 Haunted Attractions to Terrify You This Fall

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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