We’ve always been told growing up, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And I for one have always enjoyed a good breakfast. We’re lucky to have some unique places to enjoy that traditional start of the day meal.

We’ve looked hard to find the truly unique places to experience a hearty breakfast, some are off the beaten path. Some of the little holes in the wall places provide the tastiest food. All of the places we listed for you are open except for one, which is supposed to re-open this fall. Yes I’m talking about one of the most unique breakfast adventures, the little 30 seat Golden Harvest which closed during the pandemic. The owner says she is going to re-open after some upgrades this fall.

I have been to several of the locations featured, one of my most recent finds is Fidler on The Grand. I have not had their breakfast yet, but they have a very unique menu and I’ve never been disappointed. I find it a challenge to eat most meals there because they aren’t skimpy with ingredients, so I’m sure their breakfast would be most satisfying.

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Be adventurous and try some new places, you may be surprised at what you discover. Food is always an adventure, no matter what meal you are going for. Many of these restaurants were suggested by the Facebook Foodies Group, they are always a great source to find where the locals like to dine.

10 of the Best Places for a great Breakfast in The Lansing Area.

10 of the Best Breakfast dining locations around Lansing


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