Thanksgiving is next week, and many seats at the holiday table this year will not be filled.   Hey, it's a pandemic Thanksgiving!

Since there will be fewer people at the table, that does not mean that you should feed your pets from the table.   Here is a list of some foods you might have on your Thanksgiving table and they are very bad for cats and dogs.

1- Stuffing  Many times stuffing is made with onions and garlic, and these items are extremely toxic to your cats and dogs.

2 - Ham  As delicious as it may be for us to eat, ham and other pork products can cause pancreatitis, which leads to upset stomach's and vomiting and diarrhea.  Nobody wants to deal with that especially on a holiday.

3 - Turkey Bones  Bones can cause severe indigestion in your pets and could potentially cause vomiting and obstructing the bowels.  The bones might splinter and even cause damage to the inside of you pets stomach and their intestines.  This could also lead to more life threating problems.  So, just don't.

4 - Mashed Potatoes   You may be thinking that potatoes are safe for pets to eat, but if they contain milk and butter, which they usually do, well that could give them diarrhea in lactose intolerant pets.  (who knew dogs and cats could be lactose intolerant)

5 - Grapes and Raisins  Toxic to your fur babies.  Many salads that grace your Thanksgiving table contain grapes and/or raisins.  These ingredients are possibly deadly to a dog.  Grapes can cause severe , irreversible and in many cases fatal kidney failure in dogs.  You, and your pet are better off just not serving those foods, or at least keeping them away from your dog.

6 - Chocolate Desserts   Granted pumpkin pie is usually the star of the dessert table, but keep in mind if your Aunt is bringing her famous chocolate pie, just keep it away from the cat and dog.  Chocolate is toxic to  to them.  Have as many slices as you want, just don't feed them to your pets.

The important part of the holiday is to gather (even in small groups) and eat a lovely meal.   Don't spoil the Holiday with a sick pet,  this means don't feed them from the table.  Make sure their bowl is filled with their food and you might want to keep some treats on hand as well.

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