Every time there is a list like this, someone usually complains about it:
“You're making us sound stupid!”
“I don't talk like that!”
“I don't know anybody who talks like that!”
“Don't you have anything better to do?”
“What makes you think we speak that way?”
“This really makes me angry!”

...and on and on and on...

In these manic and stressful times, we really need to lighten up and have fun – especially with ourselves. We can't take ourselves too seriously...if we did, there wouldn't be any fun to have.

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That said, here is a list of ten more words that have their own pronunciations here in Michigan. How do I know? Not only do I listen when other Michiganders speak, but I have found myself pronouncing these words in the same way as listed below. AND TO BE CLEAR, NO, NOT ALL OF US PRONOUNCE THE FOLLOWING WORDS THIS WAY...but a lot of us do.

So just take the list with a tongue-in-cheek attitude, and if you don't find any of them relatable to you or someone you know, then don't take offense. It's all for fun and to hopefully cause a smile or two.

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