This behemoth found at 2756 Turtle Bluff Drive in Bloomfield Township has been called “The Most Expensive House in Michigan.” Well, it certainly is ONE of the most expensive, currently costing $10,550,000 (the most expensive is Granot Loma in North Marquette valued at $40,000,000).

But seeing as Granot Loma is wayyy up north, I wanted to look at one closer to Mid-Michigan. And I found one.

This $10,550,000 gargantuan mansion is on Turtle Lake in Oakland County just south of Pontiac. It was modeled intentionally to look like a resort instead of a home, in an Italian villa style on 1.2 acres.

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15,000 square feet
27 rooms
Ten bathrooms
Six bedrooms
Interior marble, stone, iron, and more
Ceiling artwork
Automatic window blinds
Movie theater
Fitness room
Two-story library
Eight-car garage
Car wash
Heated driveway
Outdoor fireplaces

Holy cow…why would you ever want to take a vacation? It’s all right here!

The photo gallery below takes you all around the property and into most of the rooms in the house…can I really call this a house? How about palace? Castle? Fortress? Citadel? Stronghold? Whatever you wanna call it, it’s impressive…and too expensive.

As of 2023, 2756 Turtle Bluff Drive in Bloomfield Township is listed as the fourth most expensive home in Michigan. Take a look at the photo gallery below and see for yourself. The winding staircase that leads to an upstairs balcony is cool…so are all the works of art that you’ll spot.

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